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We specialize in DRIVE SOLUTIONS and GEARTECHNOLOGY and would like to offer you our services here, in cooperation with a qualified network of experienced technicians and engineers.

As your partner for system solutions, we offer:

  • Technical consulting in the planning and project planning of production systems
  • Support in finding your system supplier for machine tools
  • Preparation of expert opinions and evaluations of gear cutting machines

All about Geartechnology.....
  • Expertise, evaluation, retrofit of gear cutting machines
  • Acquisition, evaluation and marketing
  • Machine Trade
Innovative Gear Technolgy
  • Generating and profile grinding machines
  • worm grinding machines
  • Profiling machines for grinding wheels
Special machines for the measurement of tooth and pins
  • Optical gear measuring machines
  • Single and double flank gear testing machines
  • Transmission test benches
Precision machines for deburring gears
  • Gear deburring machines
  • automated deburring
  • chamfering and hopefully


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Appraisals, valuation, auctions
Preparation of expert opinions, valuation, transfer and resolution of individual machines or entire parts of the company.
Financing models, leasing
Cooperation with competent and qualified financing specialists of an established leasing company as a supplement or alternative to the house bank.
Purchase, valuation, marketing
Evaluation of machines and plants, valuation, transfer of individual machines or entire operating units
Machine search and service
Consulting & Support in the search for spare parts, new and used machines, as well as service around the purchase / sale, replenishment, or maintenance of your machine< / span>



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